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Vonsild Consulting focuses on standards and legislation relevant for refrigeration, heat-pumps, and air-conditioning.


Vonsild Consulting was founded by Asbjørn Vonsild in 2015 as a consulting house focusing on international safety standards and knowledge around flammable refrigerants. Asbjørn had until then been at Danfoss since 2003, and had driven the roll-out of components for flammable refrigerants.


Today Asbjørn is a member of multiple international standardisation working groups, and conducting consultancy tasks for both small Danish companies, large multinational companies and the UN.


Through a global network of experts Vonsild Consulting is able to take on large tasks as well as tasks requiring specialized local knowledge from around the world.






IEC 60335-2-40:2022 Ed. 7 A/Cs, heat-pumps and dehumidifiers
Excel workbook with equations from IEC 60335-2-40:2022 Ed. 7:
60335-2-40 Ed. 7 GG Equations.xlsx


Gravitational quantum reflection & Black holes
Paper on Gravitational quantum reflection in the vicinity of black holes including an introduction in popular terms:
GravRefl and Intro.pdf





About the name and logo

The name Vonsild comes from ancient Danish and means Odin's Hill. Odin was the king of the Nordic gods, god of visdom, magic and strategy. Odins Hill was a place where offerings were made to Odin, and when the Vikings became Cristian the hill became the site of a small village named Vonsild.

The founder of Vonsild Consulting descends from a man who left the village in the early 1700’s to study in Copenhagen, and because of his origin he was nicknamed Vonsild, a name which then became the family name for his children.

The logo simply depicts the offering fire at the top of the hill, with Odin’s two ravens circling abve.








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